TechWise works with many companies, from small business to large located around South East Queensland, Yeppoon and Gladstone. With Microsoft and Amazon as the two main hyperscale cloud providers, and with compelling offerings from Google, IBM and many other cloud providers – companies today have billions of dollars of cloud computing resources at their fingertips. When you migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud, the opportunities are endless – whether you want to extend your current offering or launch something completely new.

With the right approach, cloud technologies can help your company lower costs while also improving efficiency. It’s vital to have a strategic plan in place before going down this path.

With technology moving at the speed of thought, it is critical to have the right data and analytics to make smart business decisions. Cloud technologies, when used correctly, can transform a business into one that is agile, quick to market, able to provide employees mobility in the workplace, and using and analysing data intelligently to make smart business decisions.

Selecting and implementing a cloud platform is an essential first step. However, it isn’t the most important part of the process. Once you’ve chosen the right cloud for your business, choosing the right provider is even more critical to success. Our unique approach ensures that you get the best performing hosting solution possible so you can focus on your business—not your infrastructure.